Our areas of expertise span departmental and disciplinary boundaries and capture the depth and breadth of the work of the school's faculty and students. This exploration and study solves real world problems, enhances lives, and makes the world safer, cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous.

Volgenau alum Brian Burke works on an equation
Big Data

Employers actively seek those who not only know the "how" of data analytics but who can also explain the "why" in terms that non-experts can understand. Mason computing programs in computer science, information sciences, and statistics include a major focus on Big Data. Our alums include Brian Burke, an ESPN senior analytics specialist.

Maons cyber students in computer room
Cyber Security

As more of the world's business goes online, digital information becomes a primary target, meaning demand by government, companies, and organizations for cyber security experts will continue to rise. Our close ties with government and industry, funding for advanced projects that shield systems, and high-level research make our graduates highly sought after.