Accelerated Master's Admissions


  • December 1, if you would like to begin taking graduate courses in the following Spring term
  • August 1, if you would like to begin taking graduate courses in the following Fall term

What is the Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's (BAM)?

BAM allows Mason Computing undergraduate students to pursue a master’s degree through an accelerated program, and begin taking graduate courses as early as their junior year.

If you are academically strong and currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at the School of Computing, you may be approved to take up to 12 credits that will apply to both your current undergraduate degree and a future graduate degree program through our Bachelors/Accelerated Master’s (BAM) program. You may also complete an additional 6 graduate-only credits ahead of enrollment into a future Master’s. These graduate-only credits will not count toward your undergraduate degree.

Why Pursue BAM?

Successful completion of BAM allows you to secure enrollment in your Master’s and complete between 3 and 18 credits of grad-level coursework during your undergrad. Ultimately, this can save you up to 12 credits of tuition at the graduate level. This also means that you will earn your Master’s in a condensed timeline helping you fast-track your career. Finally, if you successfully complete BAM you do not have to submit a traditional graduate application saving you money on the application fee.

BAM Programs and Coursework

The plan of study for some BAM programs can be found on the following department’s pages. Alternatively, you may contact your department program administrator or advisor directly for information on available BAM coursework.

Notification and Registration

If your Accelerated Master's application is approved, you will receive an automated email from to check your Application Portal. Your decision will be available to you on your Application Portal.

Approved students are able to register for graduate courses via Mason's Patriot Web system when they have reached at least 75 credits.

Note: Approval for the Accelerated Master's program only guarantees admission to a degree program at a later date if the student maintains the required GPA outlined in the University Catalog, and follows all of the policy requirements below.

Academic Policies and Requirements

Students admitted to this program are required to:

  • Complete a minimum of three (3) graduate credits in advanced standing while in the program.
  • Take the courses approved on their application or listed in the appropriate University Catalog section related to Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Programs.
  • Show satisfactory performance in the approved graduate courses taken while in undergraduate status.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.25, or as otherwise indicated by the University Catalog section related to your program.

Students who fail to meet these requirements will not be transitioned to the master’s program and will be required to apply as regular master’s students.

BAM students must confer their undergraduate degree in the specified semester identified on their application for graduation and their transition form. BAM students are expected to enroll in the master’s program the very next semester.

Note: A one-semester deferment may be requested through the application portal to be approved by the Office of Graduate Studies. Please note, that all graduate credit from advanced standing courses will be forfeited if the student fails to enroll in their deferred term.

Transitioning to your Master's Program

When you apply to graduate from your Bachelor's Degree, you must also complete and submit the Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Transition Form.

You must:

  • Submit this form to your undergraduate advisor no later than the last day to add classes in your final undergraduate semester.
  • Have a minimum grade of B in every course listed on the transition form.
  • Receive approval from your undergraduate and graduate advisors.
  • Follow your departments procedures to electronically submit the form to the Coordinator for Graduate Academic Affairs, Hugh Miller.

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