The School of Computing encompasses the departments of Computer Science, Information Sciences and Technology, and Statistics, each with pathways to highly successful careers in a variety of digital fields. 

Computer Science 

This department, one of the largest Computer Science departments in Virginia, offers two Bachelor of Science programsthree MS programs, and a PhD program.  

Faculty also teach and participate in the interdisciplinary MS in Data Analytics Engineering and the PhD in Information Technology.  

Our students learn to design and develop software and hardware, and our programs produce graduates who are the programmers, coders, and app creators at the forefront of our increasingly digital world.

Information Sciences and Technology  

The department offers a BS in Information Technology, a MS in Applied Information Technology, and participates in the school-wide PhD in Information Technology. 

Students are immersed in the theory and practice of storing, retrieving and using information while enabling digital systems to interact. 

Our programs provide graduates with the cutting-edge knowledge and skills to be leaders in their fields. 

Jeff Offutt standing in front of the the engineering  building on a sunny day.

The School of Computing has award-winning faculty, like Professor Jeff Offutt, who has won numerous awards for teaching excellence. 


The department teaches essential data analytics skills, offering a BS in Statistics, two MS programs (biostatistics and statistical science) and a PhD in statistical science, and participates in a multidisciplinary MS in data analytics engineering.  

Faculty have expertise in data reduction, visualization, data mining, and interpretation, and have created a rigorous curriculum that makes our students competitive in a high-growth field. 

Our graduates design studies and analyze data to provide both big-picture and detailed views of the world.